Sunday, January 14, 2018

Don't Be A Snob, I Tell Myself

A beautiful day, yet mediocre snow. Was it worth it being on the mountain? Definitely.
I love doing stuff outside. Even walking out my front door retains appreciation and, in the right circumstances, excitement.

For the sports, like skiing, where there is so much media on "epic" experiences, I feel the pressure to be a more critical consumer. Why post about a ski experience if the snow was mashed potatoes and rain fell from the sky?

Why, indeed.

At this stage in my life, I am skiing for enjoyment and am not posting media to showcase epic moments unless you define epic by the philosophical principles of stoke proclamation.

There is beauty in this world that should be remarked upon, even if it is not hucking huge air.

There is worthwhile experience that occurs in the mountains not verified by photography or a blog post.

I get such pleasure from the natural world in all its permutations. I will not be a snow snob. I will ski crappy conditions because I can, and it's a fine way to practice for better moments, and a day of crap snow is still better than not skiing.

Once again, I declare official stoke for the winter season!


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