Thursday, January 14, 2016

Birthday Art

Add caption if you feel compelled as an observer to do so. Such is not required unless you, the viewer, demand that it exist.

Attending a birthday party in New York I had the good fortune to witness a unique artwork presented as a gift.

What made it so wonderful was the fusion of different concepts, the found object (the ceramic Chinese sage) and the plaster blob. The plaster had been formed with a magnum (large size) condom stuck with a key to the artist's studio stamped with the birthday boy's name -- all of this adding to the work's provenance.

Even better, Jon Kessler, the artist, made a video of the work's manufacture, bringing a layer of virtual whimsy to the special occasion, as well as verifying the claims of the type of condom and the key's actual utility.

I really enjoyed the way seeing the video tweaked how I now consider the object.

Well done!


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