Saturday, December 5, 2015

Birthday Fun And Water Parks

This is what a card to an 11-year-old looks like.

Part of the birthday fun was taking the kid and his friend to a water park.

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum and Water Park is an actual place. The museum is a serious, legitimate affair, with historic planes such as the Spruce Goose and a space shuttle, among other treasures. Yes, there is a water park sort of attached to it (if only by theme, as the two buildings are about a thousand yards apart).

The water park has a 747 on the roof, making going to it an educational moment, if you try really hard (there's some plaque somewhere) . The first time we visited I made the effort to take the kids to the museum, but now there is no pretense and we head directly to the water.

I got wet and did the various water slides. The sensation of speed is an addiction I still crave, even though I think I should know better.

While in line for the "Mach 1" chute I stood among a group of teenage boys. One in the know shared the knowledge that if you arch your back and keep your body rigid, minimizing the places where your body makes contact with the slide, you can greatly increase your speed.

I tried it and indeed accelerated to a place of excellent speed that I had not previously known. The teenager inside of me thrilled. Unfortunately for the teenager, he was trapped in a body of a 50-year-old who became dizzy from the darkness and agitation.

When I splashed down I had to focus hard to get to the edge of the pool where I rested for several minutes, adamant I would not need assistance from the lifeguards who apparently were still in high school.

I learned my lesson and expect not to do it again unless I absolutely have to. Such is the way of the world.


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