Thursday, December 17, 2015

Yes, We Are Still Finding #TWD A Fine Family Show

No need to wonder, this scene is repeated throughout each season -- the producers have something of a fetish for RVs.
We, as a family, have undertaken the regime yet again of contemplating what life might be like in a brutal zombie world of monsters and crazed southerners, dilapidated RVs, and squinty-eyed rouge lawmen with PTSD.

The walking dead apocalypse, an inverted world where those that previously had the worst coping skills now have the best, has once again re-animated our family to watch the current season. Again we root for the laconic Daryl Dixon to wreak tight-lipped vengeance on anything and everything in his path in a frothy, self-righteous fury, punctuated by crossbow bolts and poorly tuned motorcycles.

I give credit to the writers, for this season is not about armaments and battles, but the psychological struggle of who has the will to do what is necessary to survive.

The issue is that we, as viewers, have been through so many moments of watching the survivors battle other evil survivors or being inundated by zombies that the thrill of it all is starting to wear out. Also, the device of characters going into a fugue state and doing radically stupid things is also becoming trite. But I am a survivor of this show, and I will do what it takes to finish watching this season.

So we're left with the struggle between those who choose the optimism of trying to re-organize society and chaos. Chaos certainly moves the plot along quicker, but, as we are Americans, we demand that the good, democratic people triumph over the mob.

We will keep watching, but with the caveat that if the dramatic moments of the series turn from epic battles to the equivalent of snitty student council meetings, we will find other entertainment.


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