Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am My Own Worst Enemy/ Best Friend

Beautiful in its utility.

In the movie The Incredibles the superhero, Mr. Incredible, is seen trying to blend into everyday life as an insurance adjuster and doing a poor job because, well, Mr. Incredible is just too good, too pure, too moral. Obviously the job doesn't suit him. But to make matters worse, his boss, Gilbert Huph, is overly obsessed with company profits and the bureaucracy of insurance. 

To reflect upon Gilbert's ridiculous nature there are a few seconds of him exactingly arranging his pencils on his desk.

I hate to admit it, for Gilbert is not exactly a heroic character, but this is me in a nutshell.

Yesterday morning I turned on the lights to my office, eager to get to work, but one LED light in an array of six had failed. As 98% of my work involves an illuminated screen, overhead lighting is just not mission critical.

But the annoyance of not having the room's lighting as it should be would have ruined productivity for the entire day.

Lucky for me I had been my own best friend by making sure I had a cache of spare bulbs just for occasions like this.

Unfortunate for me, myself as my own worst enemy took charge, and I feverishly ruminated on what I should have said to a service worker in Burnsville, Minnesota in 1982. But at least I ruminated in proper illumination!

I celebrate myself as a total nutcase here on these pages.

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