Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun Bike Day On Planet Portland

Up, up, up to Council Crest Park for the great view. My new Specialized Diverge made the ride all the more excellent.
Monday's I often ride with my friend Mel, who owns a recumbent bike shop called Recumbent PDX. We do the same ride every time, from his shop on Hawthorne on the east side of Portland, up to Council Crest on the west.

I had a new bike for the ride and Mel had some new toys -- two helmet-mounted video cameras.

Each ride Mel likes to choose a different bike or trike from his shop to test and photograph. The mission yesterday was to get some good footage of Mel on a rugged HP Velotechnik Scorpion.

Despite having a well-stocked bike shop from which to take gear, Mel usually forgets to bring a bag of any kind. As a result when we parted we swapped cameras, Mel not having the ability to carry safely two cameras. He wanted my footage as he planned to make a video showing the trike in action.

From the camera on Mel's helmet I made this video which shows some of Portland's finest scenery on a beautiful fall day. Note Mel's custom biking Birkenstock sandals.

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