Friday, April 24, 2015

"Welcome To Night Vale" Newest Family Media Fad

Image from merch page.

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale, reporting on the strange events that occur within it. The podcast consists of news, announcements and advertisements from the desert town located somewhere in the Southwestern United States. One of the writers has said in an interview that he came up with the idea of a town in the desert where all conspiracy theories were real. (Wikipedia).

This is our newest addiction and we are all lulled into paranormal belief because of it. Tonight we will go see the show recorded.

In one episode the public library gets taken over by oddly sentient flesh-eating bacteria. Instead of trying to downplay this development, the librarian incorporates it into the summer reading program.
Some of the memorable characters:

·         Angels
·         Apache Tracker
·         Big Rico
·         Cactus Jane
·         Carlos
·         Cecil Gershwin Palmer
·         Chad
·         Glow Cloud
·         Hooded Figures
·         Khoshekh
·         Old Woman Josie
·         Otherworldly Children
·         Scientists of Night Vale
·         Telly the Barber
·         The Brown Stone Spire
·         The Faceless Old Woman
·         The Night Vale Community Radio Interns
·         The Shape in Grove Park
·         Them

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