Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Normal Crazy -- The Video And The Explanation

The squint before the storm: How dare you!

My daughter and I have some new schtick. We glare at each other and say, in various tones and volumes, "How dare you!" faking outrage and ultimate offense.

I sought to film this and the son crashed the party. When I played back the video I loved the sequence as it encapsulated the essence of why I so enjoy being a parent -- a certain direction is set out upon only to have the whole thing devolve into chaos and merriment.

My mantra as a parent is to remind myself to keep updating my concept of who my kids are, trying not to pigeon-hole them in one specific description. They are stand-up comics one moment, journalists the next, dramatists, pugilists, chefs, and linguists.

For the most part, I'm happy to play the straight man, setting things up for the little ones to deliver the punchline. The normal crazy is always the best.

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