Monday, August 18, 2014

Dad Rejoices In No AC, But Must Deal With Short Tempers

"I like the heat, makes me feel ... hot." Actual quote from a child.
We don't have air conditioning. As we only have a handful of days where the temperature gets uncomfortably hot I don't think not having AC is a big deal.

When it does get hot I enjoy wearing minimal clothing and even sleeping with a fan blowing on my body.

The price for all this healthful sweat is that all the family is irritable and meltdowns are so common as to go unremarked upon. Is screaming and pouting part and parcel of the essence of summer?

I think not, still I hesitate to get AC. If we had AC we would hunker down on the hot nights in front of our screens and act like we do in January. I like the fact that when hot weather is upon us we spend more time outside, walking around, and arguing amongst ourselves. 

I embrace the notion that we are all completely nuts.

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