Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mad Magazine Hijacks Another Generation

Alfred E. Newman wannabe scrounges for his new read.
I loved the irreverent humor of Mad Magazine as a kid -- only to be shocked and dismayed that my father had the second issue from the 1950s. He knew someone on the magazine from school.

Both kids read Mad, having discovered it by finding my old books moldering away at a family residence.

So here we are, three generation of Mad readers -- there should be a photo taken with representative issues.

Reading a recently published magazine, the quality of the jokes were still good, riffing Justin Beiber, video games, and assorted dieties (if Jesus can appear on a grilled cheese then so can Ganesh on a knish!).

This sits better with me than many other classic works for children. What, me worry? No way.

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