Monday, April 21, 2014

Queen of Komedy - Dramatic Performance Perhaps To Delay Bedtime

Drama is a many splendored thing.

I've now reached the point with the whole bedtime ritual where I lead by example. I go to bed in the hopes the kids will follow.

The schtick is that I tell the kids to get ready for bed and then get myself ready. When I actually arrive at the bed and throw back the covers often a child is there giggling. I have been undone several times by this devious ruse.

The notion that the older kid will go to bed before me is laughable. She has learned that comedy is a fine way to prolong the inevitable exile to her own bedroom.

The other night when I came to the bed there wasn't a concealed child inside. Rather the kid had removed all items from the table next to the bed, including reading material, laptop, lamp, and pen and paper.

She then brought me a camera and proceeded with her performance.

Oscar, Oscar!

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