Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LBJ Gives Inspiration Yet Again

This photo, from Johson's 1937 special election campaign for Texas's 10th congressional district, shows the future president moments before smashing a lit kerosene lantern into a wagon of disgruntled voters.
BFTSM would no doubt say to me if he were here right now, "We need more Lyndon B. Johnson content, pronto!"

Who can blame him? I am neither a scholar nor a serious amateur in this regard, so for me LBJ is the president who got a lot of cool legislation accomplished (health care reform, war on poverty, gun control (!)) then declined to run for a second term over the Vietnam War.

I salute his ability to get stuff done, a quality in short supply lately, both here (in this house) and abroad.

And no, I don't approve of picking up dogs by their ears.

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