Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Production Bikes Are Excellent Value

This is the cockpit of the Urban Assault Vehicle.
Portland is moving through the cycle of boom and bust with the handmade bicycle frame and custom-assembled components.

For those who can discern the advantages of a few degrees added to the fork angle I salute you!

Also, for those who lovingly handcraft bikes as the fusion of art and utility to make masterpieces, I also salute you!

For those who wish to make a business out of custom bikes I say, "You should have been here 10 years ago."

Large bike makers may have been slow to follow the trend, but they've got it now. A typical bike store has mass-produced, high-quality bikes for any number of occasions such as road, touring, randonneur, hybrid, commuter, comfort, utility, messenger, freeride, time trial, triathlon, track, cruiser. Ten years ago the flavors were Racing or Mountain with a few crappy city and touring bikes.

The main reason I'm writing this is that I realize I've lost the ability to discern what advantage a custom steel frame will give over a mass-produced aluminum or composite frame. Also, I would be forever distracted locking 5k of bike up on the street. My $350 commuter joy is an easier proposition.

Spring is here and I'm two-wheeled happy.


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