Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Friend's Garage Is Super Organized, Should I End Our Friendship?

Even the tool box shone as if it were recently polished.
Not only does my friend Greg excel at household chores and lord it over me that he's "handy," but his garage is ridiculously organized.

My garage is organized to the extent that we can find our car and a few bicycles when need be.

I get scared thinking how I would completely screw up the plumbing in our home if I had a complete set of professional tools and a neatly labeled box of plumbing parts.

Another good reason for not having a stock of supplies for household repairs is that on the off chance I do actually want to attempt to fix something, I get to go to the hardware store -- a thoroughly delightful experience (hose clamps come in so many sizes! Who knew?).

I take consolation in my diligent blogging, which elevates me from an uncredentialed schlub to a certified parenting expert, who is able to hold forth on cutting-edge issues like "putting stuff on the blog" and "how to anger fellow parents by putting stuff on the blog."

I know, you're welcome!

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