Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eggs For Breakfast Heaven Or Hell?

Spinach, black beans, cheddar cheese and two fried eggs were a delightful repast I enjoyed recently.

The kids just aren't into eggs. There, I said it. And, no, the confession is not soothing or pleasant.

Despite being a LOHAS dude, I still believe in the incredible, edible egg. Eggs were a hearty breakfast that stuck to the ribs, the foundation of many an excellent adventure of my childhood.

Why the kids don't like eggs is beyond me.

Mostly what they eat in the morning is various forms of bread with cheese melted on it.

Now that the cold weather is here I may have to redouble my efforts to get some eggs down their gullets. I realize each person has her/his own likes and dislikes, but on this point they're just wrong.

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