Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Film Review: Sharknado Fine Family Entertainment

Rather than get out of the way, our eager hero leaps into the jaws of a falling shark, albeit with a chainsaw.
Imagine a tornado sucking up a bunch of sharks out of the ocean and spraying them all over Los Angels. Somehow as the sharks fly they are able to steer themselves and swoop down on the unsuspecting and unprepared.

If this sounds cool, then start up the popcorn popper for this is entertainment!

Although not a film that could normally be called good, when viewed ironically with lots of commenting this film becomes something of a success.

At the start of the film when surfers and beach goers have yet to experience the horror that awaits them, each shot of the ocean had different wave patterns and different weather. Luckily our heroes drove inland where the sharks swam out of sewers and dropped from the sky into swimming pools. Production values didn't necessarily improve, but I chaffed less.

The brilliance of the film stemmed from the title -- which needs no further explanation -- and all dialogue, casting, acting, and blood spurting stayed at a very silly level. My daughter and I enjoyed predicting who would be eaten next.

I worried needlessly about our 8-year-old not understanding the campiness of the film and becoming frightened. He stopped paying attention after twenty minutes and took out his iPod.

And yes, I did watch this movie from the opening scene to the ending credits. Too much fun on a Saturday night.


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