Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sleeping (Disney) Monster Awakes

I suppose Disney sent out this picture to remind us of the good times we had on the cruise.

Last December I went on a Disney cruise and had a pretty good time. My fears were that marketing opportunities would trump enjoyment opportunities and I would be stuck in a commercial for 7 days at sea with a daily ration of snark not enough to support my Portland-smuggness quotient of 8.47.

Happy to say that the marketing while on the cruise was confined to a staffed table in the lobby and several branded promotional items -- placemats, clock, poster, -- stealthily placed in our state room by housekeeping.

Now that I have completed the cruise, myself, wife and kids are official members of the Castaway Club (Yes, we have a card!) and receive notices of special promotions and opportunities. Too bad for Disney the Anti Spam Act of 2003 means email from legitimate businesses have a functioning unsubscribe button.

Also too bad for Disney is that the magic of the cruise has worn off and I can honestly return to being ridiculous when they send me cheesy marketing stuff. I believe the cruise delivered good value and was a great time. All the same I can only wax poetic when The Corporation sends me the above picture -- the card having a magnetic strip on the back so it may be displayed on a refrigerator or power tool.

I'll keep Disney in mind next time I open the fridge. I just wish I knew who those people were!

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