Monday, February 18, 2013

Branded OMSI Exhibit Pretty Cool

Bric-a-brac from the show Mythbusters.
I took my eight-year-old son to see the Mythbusters exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Like many who visit the museum he is quick to push the button with little patience to read or understand the larger lesson to be imparted. I'm always hopeful some new exhibit will capture his interest in a broader way.

I've only seen the show a few times, so I'm not clear what regularly goes on. The exhibit does a good job of bringing the thrill of blowing up stuff with larger issues of testing theories and observing results.

The design of the exhibit was exciting in that it brought a fusion of common objects unified in odd and industrial manners.

The one display we spent the most time with was a video screen which had a large knob at its base in which one could advance scenes of explosions and mayhem frame by frame. My son carefully worked his way through the entire video segment. "I want to watch the show now," he said. "I want to see more things get blown up."

If this is the seed that grows into science I say yes! If not, then, well, we'll all merely enjoy seeing more things get blown up and be the better for it.


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