Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kids Give Feeback About Blog Content

The seven-year-old wanted his Star Wars-themed Hood River, OR shirt to be posted. The bottom line reads, "May the Forrest be with you."
Today is my housekeeping day in the blogosphere where I tidy up all those random things that need to be posted, but may not be worth an entire post on their own.

First up, my kids have sat me down and given me a strict talking to. I must NEVER again refer to the act of a child coming to our house, or one of our children going to another house, as a play date. For the ten-year-old, this will be called a "get together." For the seven-year-old this will be "hanging out." Severe penalties will result in the event of a slip up.

The older kid sent me this heavy metal cat video. This is viral in her fifth grade class.

Also, the younger one has started calling my didgeridoo my Holy Staff, which gives you an insight to how we do things here. Let the chanting begin!

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