Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cutting the Cheese

The proverbial cheese?
I am undone. We are all undone. Help us before we all blast ourselves into oblivion!

I have been vaguely searching for a philosophy or direction here, but have come up short. I've heard that some parents forbid farting, upon pain of banishment, at the dinner table -- sounds like a good start here. My initial direction is to encourage silent release of energy and discourage dramatic posing, songs, loud declarations, and poetry (unless it's Chaucer).

Part of the problem is that farting, under the correct conditions (such as outside, for example), can be a rich source of comedy.

Our family has enough comedy for the moment. School is starting. We need to just get a little bit serious.

Well, maybe we've got a week or so left.

So go ahead, pull my finger.

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