Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camo Cargo Shorts

My family is tired of seeing these as well as hearing about them. I figure if PhD candidates could write dissertations about Madonna in the 1980s I get a few more weeks of comments about the pants.
Generally I'm a poor dresser and have to be prodded to update my wardrobe -- so when I do decide to make a purchase not only is it a big deal, but I usually make poor decisions as the act is so alien.

So at the start of the summer I wanted to buy a pair of cargo shorts. I went on-line, found a camo-print pair on special and figured I would bond with my son over them as he loves to dress head to toe in camouflage clothing.

The shorts fit me well and I especially like the side pockets for phone storage, as such is required on any family outing. The side pockets also solve the nagging summer problem of what to with sunglasses when entering a shop. I find putting sunglasses on my head like solar panels unacceptable. The cotton fabric absorbs sweat well and is of a rugged nature.

The camo-print jazzes up my otherwise bland dress as I neurotically wear T-shirts without logos or printing on them.

LSS believes I have given way, way, way too much attention to the shorts issue this summer. In response I would underscore how cool I look wearing them. She would beg to differ, pointing out how very much NOT a teenager I am.

We've discussed having all family members get such shorts. Assuming next year my shorts haven't "disappeared" and retail options are similar to this year's, we may very well have a really excellent blog post.

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