Sunday, September 27, 2020

Protect The Innocent


These are the faces of American fascism

As the weather turns colder and rainy, the notion that protests will cease and white supremists will stop showing up to commit violence fades.

Yesterday fascists had a rally in Delta Park, bragging 20,000 people would show up. Fewer than 300 made the effort, many of them from out of state. The larger event was staged by the anti-fascists in Peninsula Park, about four miles away, with three times the turnout.

I went downtown to witness any events of wrongdoing by white supremists looking for a new venue. Things were quiet for the time I was there.

Today I visited a few antifa websites to learn more about the threat of violence to our community. The sites profile prominent fascists in the hopes that the employers, customers, landlords, acquaintances of these people will not want to be linked to hate and criminality and sever the connection.

I learned that these websites take pains to protect innocent people and animals. Here are a few samples: 

The reason this photo appeared on the website is because the tattoo on the right hand is an identifying mark. 


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