Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Smartassery Alive and Well At High School

Recently at my daughter’s high school I pursued a display of graphic works. Here is the text from the above poster.

You get to school early, just needing to print an assignment. You head up to the library – but what’s this? The computers are all on fire.

You find your first period class, but then have to wait 15 minutes for the teacher to get there and unlock the door.

You need to pee. Too bad the hall pass got stolen three weeks ago. Or, some a**hole took the pass out 40 minutes ago and hasn’t come back.

It’s FLEX. Surprise! You have a mandatory assembly about recycling or something (go cards!)

You step into the bathroom. The ceiling tiles fell down. The toilets are overflowing. It smells suspiciously of cotton candy.

The “cotton candy” is a reference to vaping (my daughter had to tell me this). Some things, like smoking in the bathroom, never go out of style.


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