Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Slavic Squat Comes To Portland

The kid recently acquired an "authentic" East German flag, failing to learn if authenticity meant the flag was from the era of the republic or if it just was accurate in its design.

The kid is pictured doing a "slavic squat," an item that is well-documented on the internet. Here is a representational image, note the shiny Adidas track suit and pointy leather shoes.

The kid is sensitive to a reality and culture beyond my purview. He is wearing a ball cap with the communist logo of hammer and sickle. His interest in political history is a good omen.

What such interest portends, I haven't a clue, but I say...Stoke!


  1. Art is important in times of savage destruction because it stands for what is uniquely and indestructibly human; it affirms the values of civilization against the brute force of animal aggression; it is an antithesis of barbarism that evinces the highest standards of beauty and order that humanity is capable of. It is a statement of resistance against chaos.
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  2. Yet while normal and understandable, this is also something that's addressable. (Not entirely fixable, of course, but at least addressable.) But facts aren't the way to do it -- simply getting better at announcing the who, what, where, and when of things won't really convey the flavor of this lively place. For that you need stories.
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