Friday, June 29, 2018

Refrigerator Repair Deeply Troubling

We defrosted our refrigerator for two days, showing that we were penitents, worthy of having the refrigerator returned to us in good order. The copious amount of water that flowed forth as the refrigerator thawed a testament to the righteousness of spirit we would enjoy when the universe was restored to balance.

This is what a completely defrosted and cleaned 2013 refrigerator looks like.
The tech, Randy, came and examined all components, finding nothing amiss. The unit has a large circuit board, many sensors, and a display rivaling an iPad -- yet diagnostics showed all components functioned as they should.

Randy shrugged his shoulders, saying somehow the drain tubes got iced up.

Randy has been doing this work for 40 years, so I don't blame his ability.

I find it disquieting that the unknown forces that conspired to cause the refrigerator to leak, are still out there, uncorrected or deterred.

Further disappointing, Randy believed one could only reasonably expect 10 years out of a large appliance like a refrigerator. Our unit is a Samsung, Randy's experience putting Whirlpool and GE as more reliable brands.

I'm glad the refrigerator is working, but the truth (of the failure)  is still out there.

6/7/19 Update: Same thing just happened. Now I know not to call the repair man. We will replace the refrigerator after only 6 years. This sucks.

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