Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cirque Du Soleil Crystal Is Awesome Spectacle

We went this past weekend to see the Cirque Du Soleil Crystal – a performance on ice.

I didn’t crave the experience, even though I had very much enjoyed a Cirque Du Soleil performance years ago. Somehow, I had forgotten about the avalanche of music, dance, acrobatics that go into such a production.

Of course, my mind was blown. Most exciting was the ability to project different computer-generated images onto an ice rink. But these weren’t static images, but landscapes that reacted with light and movement when a performer moved around. How was this done? Sensors? Motion detection? Who cares. A beautiful, dream-like carnival of dance and motion – on ice.

I suspect my initial reluctance was because I mistakenly thought the show would be more Ice Capades than avant-garde spectacle.

The range of performances, music, crazy flipping trapeze maniacs, snowball clowns, insane hockey players, all made for an event that leaves one elevated about the possibilities of the world.

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