Thursday, May 25, 2017

Slime Mold Steals Show At Science Fair

I am very proud of the kid for doing a real science project about slime mold.

The experiment didn’t go as planned because a heatwave allowed an invading bacteria or insects to eat the mold when the temperature in the garage reached 80 degrees for one day. Previously the daily high was in the mid-60s, a nice temp for the amoeba-like organisms.

The kid had joined an international slime mold forum, read up on the particular qualities of the mold, and had an excellent experiment. He did a good job getting organized and showed a true inquiring spirit.

The happy scientists had a pizza party later.



  1. Hey congrats on a great project! IDK if your kid is still into slime molds but there's a pretty cool book I found at the library that talks about how to go out and grow + collect your own. Basically you just have to grab some bark, put it in a container with something like a wet coffee filter or paper towel, and then the slime mold will show up. You can collect a ton of different species and save them in a collection by drying the fruiting bodies and gluing the bark in a little box. Idk if that sounds like something he'd be into but I thought I'd share. The book is called "Myxomycetes: A Handbook of Slime Molds".