Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Chrome Wins Out Over Timbuk2 With Kids

Order form for the son's custom Chrome messenger bag.

One of Portland's oldest and most revered traditions is the presentation of the messenger bag to one who is on the path to becoming an adult (a kid).

I gave my daughter a Chrome messenger bag -- so she didn't really have a choice -- but she later said she liked the buckle and other flashy attributes over the more conventional Timbuk2 bag.

This past weekend I took the son to look at bags in both the Chrome and Timbuk2 stores. He carefully weighed the styles of each, then opted for a Chrome bag.

The bag I have used for close to two decades is the standard Timbuk2 messenger bag, so perhaps the kids need to assert their independence by aligning with Chrome.

For the record I have actually used the bag on my bike and find the trademark Chrome buckle a pain. Everyone in this city is such a fashionista! Especially me.


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