Monday, August 8, 2016

Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action

برنامه جامع اقدام مشترک

I don't usually get political in this space, but sometimes my need for expression gets the better of me.

One year after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Deal) was signed with Tehran, there are still those in our government and other countries who doubt its efficacy. 

Today I was looking up something and came across the JCPOA in Persian. I then realized this platform, Blogger, is enabled for Persian script, and the black letters above reflect that.

That the technological basis for further engagement with Iran is already in place is no mistake. Cooperation, exchange, interaction, is what we need to do as a global society to work out our differences.

Why the Republicans emphasize bellicosity and aggression with their rejection of the JCPOA over a nuanced diplomacy is a question beyond my purview. 

The JCPOA is proving a successful measure to curtail a regime whose intentions are unknown. Security experts in Washington and Tel Aviv are attesting to this.

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