Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cape Lookout State Park Always The Right Choice

The beach at low tide at sunset.

Out of all the Oregon State Parks, Cape Lookout is perhaps our favorite if we consider how many times we have camped here -- four times by my estimation.

This time was no disappointment as we had perfect weather, the temperature even hitting 90 degrees one afternoon -- an absolute rarity as the Oregon coast has only about 10 sunny days a year. I had the brilliant idea to fling my body into the sea to cool off. Cool off I did, as the water was a balmy 53 degrees and I began to get an ice cream headache the instant my head went underwater. Needless to say I stayed a brave 2.87 seconds in the water.

The coastal rain forest is fantastic in that the trees are so contorted from growing out of nurse logs and stumps. A tree will fall, a new tree will grow from the log, and when the log completely rots away the existing tree will have an interesting shape like the one above.

Despite this park being one of the most popular, there was no indication it's beauty had been diminished by overuse.
The beach was huge and the ritual was for campers to gather to watch the sunset.

Despite the good weather there was hardship. I bought unsweetened instant oatmeal by mistake. The Daughter had to make due and sweeten the oatmeal herself by tearing up marshmallows into small bits. 

This trip we had hammocks which added to our enjoyment. Even though we had two, the kids still managed an argument or two as to who had the right to use one or the other.

The trusty Coleman stove has never let us down no matter the weather -- a tough piece of gear that has stood the test of time.

The happy campers.

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