Monday, December 1, 2014

Nine-year-old's Photographic Themes

Many "ghost hoax" pictures were created and deleted by the kid. This one survives as it, apparently, makes the grade. The effect he was aiming for was a blurry mysticism that might be mistaken as evidence of the supernatural.
We returned from a wonderful visit with relatives. We did lots of fun things, many of which I will share here as Portland is boring and New York less so, at least when you're a tourist.

The nine-year-old took an earnest interest in photography while we were on the East Coast, perhaps because my camera (as opposed to my phone) was often in my hand. I gave the kid the camera and with only rudimentary instructions he set out to capture the good stuff.

For the record he did take some fine pictures of a traditional nature, but shoes, or feet, emerged as an important focus of his work which is why I have chosen the following images to showcase.

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