Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another One (Computer) Bites The Dust

Too slow? Time for Linux.
Another PC of ancient birth (six years) has become too clunky for regular use, even with with the vitamin shot of extra RAM.

I've put the machine into the room formerly known as the "play room," and told the kids they can do whatever with it, change any settings, delete or add any file. I suspect they do this with all computers they handle and I'm always the last to know.

Generally when it comes to my kids computing interests I am clueless. The older one has commandeered my laptop, ostensibly for the sake of homework(!?), while the younger one has a new iPad mini which runs apps, which, I gather, is where the action is.

Perhaps more distressing is that the 10-year-old lectures me about why Google Docs is superior to MS Word. Likewise with Google Presentation versus Powerpoint. Somehow the kid got switched to the Android OS and there's no turning back.

Meanwhile I'm reading books printed on paper, most likely a practice my kids will regale their grandchildren with in hushed tones, trying hard to conjure the backward days of 2014.

I suppose even blogging is so last century. To that I say, Stoke!

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