Sunday, March 6, 2022

Ultimate Gratitude


These are the people who have given me so much happiness with their generosity, love, insight, humor.


  1. Dear Eric, though of your family members I know only Robin, I can see what a precious group of people you are. And though we've never met, you have also made an impression on me. Perhaps I'll pick up one of your catch phrases, who knows. In any case, it's been an honor to be part of your journey and to get to know you and your family through your posts and video. Thank you for being your amazing self, and for drawing such good people around you. With love and best wishes, Jennifer Portnick

  2. Eric, the legacy you have left in your life up to now dwarfs what many will in a fuller but emptier lifetime. Our family has been with you since your cancer journey began in 2005, and we cheered your return to health then. We send our warmest love and have kept you--both past, present, and future--in our treasured memories. May your values, and catchphrases, live on forever through Robin, Olivia, and Jonah and the lives that you and they have touched.
    -Scott Schaffer

  3. Ah Eric. I began watching your latest clip, unsure of what I was seeing, but there you were, talking pleasantly (as always), telling some cockamamie borderline maudlin story that I had no idea of where you were heading. And then came your punchline, and I was so amused and relieved at the same time. Thank you. You have blessed everyone who has known you.

  4. Eric, sending you love on the journey through the universe! What a good soul you are!

  5. Thanks for the advice Eric, wise words, grateful for your stories.

  6. Dearest Eric
    Dearest family Robin and the children
    From long time memories...
    You have touched my life and the lives of other around you.
    The short time I have had the opportunity to know you a little as we surffed, biked and talked philosophy, about life in Israel and life at all.
    You are gone now. But you are with us, within all of us.
    I carry you with me always.
    I had the thought about you and your family after almost 30 years
    We became parents and grown, from being young man.
    The other day my wife and myself had taken the walk next to where we use to surf
    sothren to Hertzlia Marina, and you and the other were there with me.
    only a few days later our friend called from Au, to tell me you had departed and
    we are here each one with a great mark you had left in us.
    I have always missed you dear friend. Brother.
    You brought love with dignity to us all.
    Be well freind as you join the greatness of Hashem,
    in a place of TRUTH.
    as we all one, no matter where we are.
    you will allways be in my heart.

  7. What a beautiful tribute - brought me to tears.

  8. To the Flamms: I met Eric once in the lobby of a Portland theater where Robin introduced us enthusiastically. We had a short conversation about activism and we agreed upon the promotion of kindness. In an act of the same, you gave me your hat. I walked away feeling special, knowing you had heard my story and I was inspired. How monumental it is to act upon your beliefs. I am infinitely grateful for your example. Sending you all my love.

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  10. Loosing a spouse or loved 💔 IS a unique kind hell!
    I am so so sorry this happened to you & the kids!
    Eric & you seemed to have a very close & special relationship.
    I am so sorry that you are going through loosing him.
    Its a truly a tragedy.
    And one to be mourned -- fully.

    I have thought about you & Jonah & Olivia for months now & wished i could do or say something to ease your pain.
    I regret not reaching out more.

    I thought I'ld share with you my thoughts about & my respect for Judiasms practice of ripping the garmets we wear.

    IMO it represents that pain and sorrow-- Literally, visibly, & kinesteticaly it represents the tearing of our heart & the hole left in our lives.
    Loss of a loved one IS a Great Disruption, often despair & depression are the result.
    That's natural.
    & I believe it's appropriate to mourn FULLY!
    Especially online & in daily living

    Traditionally a torn garmet would've been SEEN & Recognized BY ONES Entire COMMUNITY. As a result the mourner would have gotten support ( read: listening & acknowledgement, help with daily living ) AS the individuals greif unfolded.

    One might say they "can't believe it really happened" " it doesn't seem real"
    That's NOT DENIAL as many might think now
    It IS what Really happened--
    We feel/ know this at our core.

    Death of a loved one is the most poignant and profound reality. So we tear of clothing to show that pain
    WE we are so deeply affected and unable to function some even sit on the ground for a week!

    As time goes on. Hopefully after the first weeks, and year of mourning that tearing not only symbolizes that loss & tearing of our heart.
    Hopefully that process also REMINDS us that Ultimately the body is a garmet.. it clothes es the SOUL.

    We might get a glimpse that
    There is a larger reality.
    That death is not final– not " the end"
    Absolutely Death is a huge change… an uncomfortable shift.
    We are removing one garmet or uniform to take on another.
    And mourners are forced to change as well.

    Hopefully we ( you) are comforted to know the garmet we perceive in this life is not the essence of the person.
    That essence, is ALWAYS whole & intact.

    Please mourn fully.

    Please experience the ripping away and also realize that Eric had an individual soul purpose here (that you graciously helped him fulfil) we may never completely know what it was exactly ..but he fulfilled it.
    This naturally hurts ...however part of your purpose was to assist him. You did a perfect job. Please find comfort in that.

    Im certain hes grateful that you helped him.

    I think if we could perceive more than this 3D world we might be comforted by knowing each soul IS strong & purposeful.
    And know SOULS NEVER DIE

    My wish for you is that you navigate this pain and darkness 💔 completely.
    That this sharp ragged hole you have will resolve

    to a smooth bearable scar

    And that ultimately you find peace and comfort.

    Your cousin Leya Chana