Sunday, December 19, 2021

Freshman idiocy

When I think about my life, I often become maudlin, like I didn’t leave the mark I intended, or didn’t live up to the standards I set for myself.

This is just part of the experience, sometimes you think you hit it out of the park, sometimes not.

I was surfing around my photos and came upon the above one from my freshman year at college. Oddly it soothed my roiling mind as it showcased such unrestrained idiocy. The photo didn’t happen by accident, so we must of all felt pretty good about it at the time.

The embarrassment I felt looking at it made me realize how that person in the picture was and wasn’t me. If I was still making photos like this one there would be a problem.

I wasn’t born with the mindset of a 56-year-old curmudgeon, thankfully. I’ve always given myself permission to change my thinking, attitudes, and not get locked into a philosophy. Maybe I delude myself that change is possible.

I still take silly pictures, but they look nothing like this. So, I keep evolving.

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