Thursday, September 30, 2021

My Productivity Explained

Productivity Hack: If there is an obstacle to seeing a screen clearly, remove the obstacle. 

All my life I’ve had this notion that if I could only devise an excellent system, I could be tremendously productive.

Earlier these thoughts expressed themselves in experimenting with different notebooks and pens, now it is about computers, tablets, and phones.

I used to thrill to read the website Lifehacker to learn what tech high-level people used to be productive. Some liked to hang out on the couch with a laptop, while others enjoyed the latest in mobile technology.

I must admit that for all my deep thinking my setup resembles a workspace from 20 years previous. I use MS Office for most of my tasks which makes a high-powered gaming desktop PC the tool of choice. Double screens make things easy on the eyes. And as of 2020, a Logitech webcam with built-in microphone is a convenient way to Zoom without looking too shabby.

Other gear includes child-made mug for holding pens, a stand for my phone so I can talk hands-free, and the ubiquitous Pilot G2 Limited gel ink pen with 0.7mm point.

Legal pads and post-it notes are used—some habits are just too hard to break.

For the special note, I use ramen-themed post-it notes when the message really counts.


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