Thursday, September 30, 2021

My Productivity Explained

Productivity Hack: If there is an obstacle to seeing a screen clearly, remove the obstacle. 

All my life I’ve had this notion that if I could only devise an excellent system, I could be tremendously productive.

Earlier these thoughts expressed themselves in experimenting with different notebooks and pens, now it is about computers, tablets, and phones.

I used to thrill to read the website Lifehacker to learn what tech high-level people used to be productive. Some liked to hang out on the couch with a laptop, while others enjoyed the latest in mobile technology.

I must admit that for all my deep thinking my setup resembles a workspace from 20 years previous. I use MS Office for most of my tasks which makes a high-powered gaming desktop PC the tool of choice. Double screens make things easy on the eyes. And as of 2020, a Logitech webcam with built-in microphone is a convenient way to Zoom without looking too shabby.

Other gear includes child-made mug for holding pens, a stand for my phone so I can talk hands-free, and the ubiquitous Pilot G2 Limited gel ink pen with 0.7mm point.

Legal pads and post-it notes are used—some habits are just too hard to break.

For the special note, I use ramen-themed post-it notes when the message really counts.



  1. Reading this, I am reminded of the wearable computers that were our future, in the past. It seems to me they have been replaced with smartphones and smartwatches. No one seems to still argue that we need more computing power on our person than we have now.

    1. The biggest problem with the Smartwatch of 2022 is not that it replaced the watch as jewelry or ornamentation, and the sturdy dive watch I wore for over 15 years, but that the text is often not readable by my 57 year old eyes without magnification.

    2. Once I realized my phone would always be inches away from my hands I stopped wearing a watch. I do like some of the styles of the smartwatches but can't find any utility in daily life

    3. After having a fitbit for a few years, I got a Garmin Watch in case Google or Garmin wonder where I am. I like the activity tracking, so I can give myself credit for skiing and kayaking and it is part of my plan to properly equip the kayak for an adventure, current plan, Tampa Bay to Key Largo in 2023. This summer I need to get the sail rig lined up, and the rest of the gear needed for such a trip. The Garmin would connect to the GPS and help me stay on track, at least that was one of my rationalizations.

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