Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Adequate Supply Of Clipboards On Hand

Thirty-seven years ago I graduated high school. As odd as it sounds, I somehow held onto the clipboard I used during those tumultuous years.

Ever since those formative times I’ve enjoyed the portability and versatility of clipboards – for when you need those papers exposed and at the ready.

As the kids matured they needed clipboards as well. As I’ve slowed down in my later years, I gave the young ones my clipboard to use. As you might guess, the old clipboard disappeared, as did its replacement.

In an office-supply freakout my wife and I panicked, worried when the time came and we absolutely needed a clipboard we would find the cupboard bare. So we bought six new clipboards.

Now when either of us needs to superficially assert authority, command something akin to respect, pretend to know stuff, or just act randomly officious, we have a supply of clipboards to bolster our obnoxiousness. Problem solved.


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