Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Plumber Joke

The repaired faucet.

I’ve given up feeling bad about not being more capable at doing home repair. I’m still tempted to do simple things, but generally I’m willing to pay the money to have a professional repair that lasts more than a weekend.

Case and point: My friend successfully replaced a toilet in his home, only to sacrifice 72 hours over four days and watching so many YouTube videos explaining the procedure he needed a new eyeglasses prescription.

Over the past few months our kitchen faucet became loose. I understood that something needed to be tightened, but what exactly and how tight?

The plumber arrived and had a space-age tool that did indeed tighten a nut deep in the faucet assembly. I was thrilled because the repair was less money than other options and I had nothing in the garage even close to being able to reach this recessed nut.

The bonus came when the plumber, a lively young man, cracked wise about enjoying a full range of specialized tools.

“Some plumbers can do everything with a screwdriver,” he said. “I asked one such fellow how it was he was so dedicated to the pursuit of excellence with just a simple tool.”

“He told me that it wasn’t so much the screwdriver, but rather the time it took to wield it. `If you got two hours, I’ll dig your hole with a screwdriver.’”

This underscores my friend’s toilet experience, with unlimited time and dedication I’ll figure out a repair, but it certainly sucks less to get some help.

I proclaim stoke for the blessing of being able to get a plumber to repair the faucet – over and out!

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