Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Outdoor Adventure Dot Com

As I understand backpacking, the journey starts with a photo of the contents of one’s backpack. I certainly don’t want to break with tradition. I’m also mildly pleased that I didn’t go too crazy, and the load on my back was manageable.

When we got out of the car on the first day the temperature was 37 degrees.

The kid and I walked from Barlow Pass on Mt. Hood to Timothy Lake on the Pacific Crest Trail, a journey of 14 miles. The next day we walked back 14 miles to the car. Not the most creative of routes, but a good start to more exciting journeys and adventures. We ate many nutrition bars and trail mix, drank filtered water from mountain streams, and looked for Sasquatch around each bend.

We were both pretty whipped at the end of the second day, coming out of the woods around 3pm.  I proposed a treat, but the kid just wanted to lay down on a bed. That sounded good, but I needed food, so we went to the McDonalds drive through to quickly get calories. The rest of the family when they heard this wondered what alien being took over my body in the woods as this was so unlike my usual self.

Everything tasted just fine.
We had a rest for a few hours before eating our actual dinner.

Stoke proclamation!

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