Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NYC Wax Museum Serious Good Time

The daughter was wearing the right color for the "Men in Black" set.
Madam Tussauds is one of those tourist attractions that are expensive and crowded. One waits in line, tells the kids to be patient, suffers endless up-selling and expense, but yet, somehow, the experience is genuinely fun.

Last year my son and I went and we had such a good time that on this trip the whole crew showed up. There are wax world leaders, writers, athletes, artists, something for just about everybody.

This year the museum had a new exhibit called "Ghostbusters Dimenson", a combination of virtual reality, real-time interactive effects, and a physical set. Each person donned a helmet with a virtual reality screen, a backpack like in the movie, and a weapon, and walked onto a set and battled ghosts.

The price of admission was completely worth it, for the experience was so completely immersive and exciting. I actually felt transported into another world. Wind blew when I was standing on a scaffold on the side of the building, smelling a burning marshmallow monster. Really heart-pumping fun.


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