Thursday, June 17, 2021

Pedestrian Bridge Causes Utopian Monologue

 A couple of months ago a pedestrian bridge was installed in Portland to allow easier access for bikers and walkers across the highway.

This got me musing about how great transportation by bicycle can be – that is if one feels protected by bike lanes and other infrastructure from the barrage of traffic.

On a drive with the family, I shared that as a young man I dreamed of an egalitarian society that respected minorities and individual freedoms and acted in a compassionate way to other nations.

Now I have abandoned such fanciful visions and instead dream of cycling infrastructure not just in cities, but also linking communities and recreation sites. How great it would be to ride an off-road bike path to the Oregon coast – the roads to the coast and Highway 101 are currently lousy with heavy traffic. Yet people still venerate these roads as a cycling ideal.

I dream of a better future.


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