Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Bicycle Makes A Comeback (For 1 Day)

This isn't my bike but I like the shot (my bike has brakes and shifters on the handlebars).

Once upon a time I was all about the bike commute, or going to a store on a bike, or visiting friends via the bicycle. Those days are gone. Instead, most of the time I am on my bike I am doing so strictly for exercise.

Today was throwback Sunday and I rode the bike to the park to see the kid play in their punk band. As a true punk band would be, they were behind schedule and I needed to move on before the show started.

I felt proud of myself for biking across town. Evidence of my age and decrepitude surfaced when I arrived and broke out a puffy jacket to stay warm in the frigid 60-degree air.

I look forward to being a productive senior citizen by keeping the sweater industry on solid financial footing.


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