Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cooking a New Hot Dog

The splash screen at cooking.nytimes.com

We’ve been eating takeout food almost every night as I recuperate.

I’ve both enjoyed the new range of dinner options as well as have new resolve to do more in the kitchen when I feel stronger.

On the later point, I’ve joined cooking.nytimes.com, a site that is an additional payment even if one has a subscription to the New York Times.

I like the way the site is curated by a specific, vocal editor, Sam Sifton, rather than by anonymous worker bees who may or may not understand their subject matter.

Also, I am intrigued by the speed in which one can search the recipes, then add the ones that sound good to a personalized online account called “Your Recipe Box.”

If you are browsing on a mobile devise, you can send a recipe’s ingredients list directly to the place you create shopping lists. I use the To Do app that links with Outlook.

Part of this resolve is to find a few new dishes to replace the ones that I cook year after year. I view myself as capable of change and evolution and it’s time to put that thought to the test.  

We will see…


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