Monday, April 5, 2021

Spam Musubi

Note, kid is in the driver's seat. He's got his learner's permit. 

Spam Musubi

Every so often the kid wants to stock up on red-bean paste buns, dumplings, pocky, and assorted chip-like things that might taste like some permutation of shrimp. I’m not complaining, as 85% of the kid’s selections taste good.

When we went to the Asian market it was late afternoon and we purchased spam musubi for an immediate snack. This is a piece of grilled Spam on sushi rice and wrapped in nori. The rice absorbs the flavor of the Spam and the portion is perfect for that extra something to get you to dinner.

I often forget what Spam tastes like and, although I don’t always appreciate the provenance of overly processed meat, find it unobjectionable. With the rice and nori the Spam is elevated to a tasty treat.

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