Sunday, April 12, 2020

Madness or Genius?

My friend smashed his Google Pixel phone with a ball-peen hammer.

My first question was why the ball-peen and not a claw or sledge hammer, as I know this guy has a well-stocked workshop.

"It was first on-hand," came the reply.

Only later did I ask what the phone had done to warrant such an extreme reaction, receiving a vague litany of complaints, foremost being the audio assistant was out of control.

Fast forward two weeks. The guy is thrilled to have lightened his burden not to schlep around a phone. He works in a retail business which is now closed, or close to it, so his life can exist just fine without a phone.

His wife, however, is less thrilled. She now has to broker any calls for him and send and receive his text messages. Back is the day where she answers a phone and has to get up and pass the handset off to the other person.

I'm always happy to learn someone has paired down his tech for improved mental heath, but putting the burden of the lost communication channels on the wife isn't an elegant solution.

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