Sunday, February 2, 2020

Rebranding Portdaddia

This blog started out being an advice forum of what not to do when raising kids.

Somehow the kids survived the early years and are teenagers. Obviously, the days are gone when I could pull out a phone and do an impromptu kid interview. Now I must coordinate an interview request with their “people” and submit a list of questions in advance.

So what is this blog about now that the original premise is no more?

I like to think Portdaddia is the opposite of a travel blog – a stay at home and ruminate kind of thing. Consider this recent rumination:

This speculative blog draws a parallel between the overexposure produced by modernist media interpretations of childhood, and the surrender to invasive information technologies. The collage of images, video and writing of Portdaddia creates a digital living room which is intended to spark critical thinking about the parameters of a conventional American life. Portaddia wishes to ask what it means to be both ridiculous and sublime, symbol and myth. The blog at once underscores the porous internal boundaries of the family unit and suggests how internet culture, and more broadly speaking, the act of blogging, fundamentally shape our experience and use of private space.


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