Thursday, December 13, 2018

All Rats, All the Time

This blog used to be about kids, but those little stinkers are all grown, so now it’s all rats, all the time.

What laymen don’t realize is that fancy rats, like the ones who live with us, somehow, enjoy human company, despite our obvious flaws.

They brusque and bogle at our touch and jump into one’s lap.

And because I read in the rat book one is supposed to talk to them, the rats induce grown adults into a one-sided conversation.

Basically, rats provide all the emotional support that dogs and cats do. They are just smaller and shed less.

When I hear that someone professes to love all animals, then set some exception for rats, I shudder. Such ignorance is truly dangerous to the harmony of the world.

The other common complaint with non-rat people, is that rats’ tails are problematic or gross. I don’t need to pick this one apart. Some things are manifestly clear, and those who don’t get it are just off the bus.

Once a significant interaction with a rat is achieved, an individual can emerge into the warm sunlight of truth and happiness. Stoke!

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