Sunday, October 14, 2018

New Toilets Bring Peace of Mind

This is the vessel of my salvation.

Our house was built in 1992. Our three toilets were of the variety that all the solid waste had to pass through a 2-inch diameter opening in the bottom of the toilets. The result was a failure rate of around 3% for flushing away solid waste.

A 3% fail rate sounds acceptable, but it is not. No. Not even close. No way. Each month brought a serious catastrophe that grew ever more upsetting.

More recently, as the kids are now teenagers producing ever more poop, a pattern began to emerge. One would flush the toilet and not notice the low water level in the bowl indicating it had clogged. The next kid would flush the pot and the floor would be flooded.

It got so bad the ceiling we had redone just a few years previous began to stain.

I remember getting into bed and falling asleep only to be awoken by an angry kid, who reported the toilet had overflowed because the other kid pooped into it. 

I reached that point where I lost concern for how much it would cost to replace the toilets, just get them out of the house now, or better yet, yesterday. 

Fast forward six months after that point of utter desperation. We finally got the new toilets installed and all is well. My wife made the decision to buy an Icera toilet after watching a video where it handled 15 large hot dogs. For those who need to know, here it is.

Onward to the next issue of family life.

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