Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I Like Digital Photography

One of my cherished possessions is my mom's 1950's Rolleiflex.

This was a great camera, precision optics, medium format film, and the revolutionary notion of the day that what you saw when you peered into the viewfinder was the same framing and focus of what the picture would be.

The camera was hard to load, this was a drawback.

When my mom gave me the camera more than a decade ago, I had it serviced at a camera shop, thinking I would use it for special projects. The guy at the store wanted to buy it, which made me feel good that I had a coveted camera.

Sorry to say I never used the Rolleiflex. Digital photography cuts through all the friction points of film so thoroughly that there's just no comparison. I don't need to toil, I want to play with images as soon as I find them.

I also have my dad's vintage Leica, which I'll save for another post.

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