Sunday, December 31, 2017

Important Question About Chewbacca In The Last Jedi

A sad-eyed "Porg."
Over the holiday my family viewed “The Last Jedi,” a fine movie in that all the usual Star Wars stuff was delivered with a few twists.

Afterwards, as the sharp wits gathered to dissect the finer points, a debate ensued on what was being shown.

When Chewbacca arrived at the dreary island where Luke Skywalker had retired, he roasted a creature and was about to enjoy a big bite of the feast when he noted furry Porgs giving him the big, sad eyes.

My interpretation is that the Porgs were hungry and wanted some of the food, looking cute and cuddly to gain treats.

The daughter insists that Chewbacca had roasted a Porg and the Porg’s comrades were giving Chewbacca the stink eye for being cruel.

I think were Chewbacca eating a Porg then all the other Porgs would be hiding in fear of their lives, not wagering their well-being on the empathetic response of a walking carpet.

Both the daughter and myself are convinced we see the truth.

I await the opinion of the academics and serious amateurs.


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