Sunday, December 3, 2017

Blazer Star Ed Davis Taking Outsize Role In House


This October the son and I had the chance to sit courtside at a Blazers game against the Pacers in Indianapolis. We were thrilled to see Ed Davis use his 6'10'' and 250 lbs to play a very physical game in the key, with slam dunks, dramatic rebounds, pushing and knock-downs.

In the past, I considered my height advantage over the kid to be Yao Ming-like. The kid turns 13 tomorrow and has grown considerably. So, my height and weight advantage are similar to Ed Davis when compared to Damian Lillard (6'3", 195lbs).

All this is theoretical, as I haven't been able to beat the kid in one-on-one for years. 

But what I can do is yell Ed Davis! and then back into him as if I was moving him out of the way before taking a shot. I tell him this is good practice for playing against people much bigger than himself. 

Now he is the one yelling Ed Davis! and moving me out of the way. 

I guess I knew this, too, was coming.


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